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Microsoft Surface Touch Cover Suffers from Spliting Problem

Microsoft’s Surface tablet is reportedly to suffer some problems via its early users: one of the edges splits to expose a wire just days after they starting using it.

Touch Cover, the clip-on keyboard that enables you to use your Surface as either a tablet or laptop, users have reported keyboard have begun to split and expose internal wires. Surface owners have taken their complain Microsoft’s Surface Forums and have already started making waves in just two weeks.

The incident first reported in the Guardian notes how several users in the US and the UK were impacted with the split in touch covers, thereby ruling out instances of device problems occurring in a specific batch.

Microsoft did not respond to a request from The Guardian for information about how many reports there had been of the problem. The company has been offering customers replacement Touch Covers, but it is unknown whether the replacements will suffer from the same peeling problems.

The cover costs around $80, while there is no extra fee charged for swapping faulty covers at present, the Guardian has pointed out.

A Microsoft representative told CNET “Microsoft makes every effort to ensure our customers receive a high quality product. We are in active contact with our Customer Support operations and are aware of a small number of instances of material separation. Customers can contact Microsoft Customer Support if they have any questions.”

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Apple iPhone 5 Cases are Available Now

iPad Mini Smart Cover First Review

When Apple announced the pre-order of iPad Mini was available on Oct 26, some people who pre-ordered and decided to pick up an iPad Mini Smart Cover have begun to receive them before receiving iPad Mini.

The Smart Cover, reported would come at $39, is designed to fit the 7.9-inch display of Apple’s new iPad Mini. The iPad mini Smart Cover also wakes and sleeps the iPad mini using magnets built into the edge. It’s pretty much the same as the regular sized iPad Smart Covers, but there are some differences.

The color of the iPad mini models extends throughout the entire accessory including the piece that attaches to the side of the tablet. The 9.7-inch iPad version has a silver metal bar that attaches to the side of the iPad.

The Smart Cover will fold the same way you’re used to with the traditional Smart Covers so you can elevate the iPad mini to type or to view media content in a more upright position. The only real difference is where the traditional Smart Covers required you to fold twice, the iPad mini’s smaller size only needs to be folder over once.

Unlike the larger model, the iPad mini Smart Cover is not available in leather. The Polyurethane version is the only one available as of now and we aren’t sure if Apple will offer a leather version for the iPad mini at some point in the future. The only option is polyurethane in black, grey, blue, green, pink, and Product Red.

The Smart Cover only offers protection for the front of the iPad Mini, and not the back of the device which is anodized aluminum. If you want to protect the iPad Mini’s back, you have to buy other cases but this Apple Smart cases for your iPad Mini.

The iPad mini Smart Cover is available in the Apple Online Store now for $39, the same price as the traditional Smart Covers. It’s a little surprise they are not lightly cheaper than the large variants as it is the same much smaller than its big brother’s Smart Cover.

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iPad Mini Smart Cover Will Come at $39

Apple has revealed the highly anticipated iPad Mini at the California Theater in San Joes on Oct 23. You guess what is the next action Apple will take? Yes, it is the new Smart Cover for the new-released iPad Mini. The case is very similar to the full-sized version, but features no metal on the hinge, allowing the color to wrap around the tablet.

The Smart Cover is a front-only protective cover. Unlike the larger model, the iPad mini Smart Cover is not available in leather. The only option is polyurethane in black, grey, blue, green, pink, and Product Red.

“The Smart Cover snaps perfectly into place to protect your screen — without adding bulk,” the company’s website reads. “Open the Smart Cover and your iPad mini wakes up. Close it and your iPad mini goes to sleep. Fold the Smart Cover and it becomes a stand. It’s all just so, well, smart.”

It will cost $39 and fit that sweet new Wi-Fi iPad mini you can pre-order on October 26, purchase in an Apple retail store on November 2. The Wi-Fi + Cellular models will show up mid-November.

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Apple iPhone 5 Cases are Available Now

For those Apple fans, the biggest event is that Apple released iPhone 5 to the world on last week’s event. The iPhone 5 is packed with a brand-new form factor with a taller and thinner build, a larger 4-inch screen, and several migrated components like the earphone jack and speaker grills. This means everyone buying the new iPhone 5 will be in the market for new cases to both protect and brand their new purchase.

New iPhone 5 accepts preorder on last Friday and will ship on this Friday, September 12 in 9 countries. If you are still looking for some best cases for your upcoming iPhone 5, this article will give you some nice recommends. For new iPad users, please go to check out The Best Cases for New iPad.


The well-known case maker Incase has a new line for the iPhone 5 owners. You can preorder from now and the cases will ship in early October. The basic Slider Case from Incase sells for $35 online in either white or black. There’s a glittery, “Crystal” Slider case option in multiple colors for the same price. A hardshell Metallic Slider iPhone 5 case is available for $35 as well in three colors. Incase sells a cheaper Snap Case for $30 and an iPhone 5 Sports Armband for $40.


Incipio also offers 8 iPhone 5 cases and ship on September 21st. Cases include the FREQUENCY for $25, feather for $25, feather SHINE for $30, DualPro for $30, DualPro Shine for $35, OVRMLD for $35, KICKSNAP for $35, and LGND for $35.


Case-Mate recently released a new portfolio of cases designed for the new iPhone 5 which will feature a mixture of luxury, functionality and quality materials. Many of the collections from Case-Mate will be in U.S. mobile device retail stores and Best Buy.


Otterbox is known for its durable cases, and these iPhone 5 cases look to be no exception. The Reflex and Prefix series should be available soon. The cases that are currently available for pre-order should ship in the next couple of weeks. Both series come in a host of color options. The company’s Commuter Series costs $35, while the Defender Series costs $50.


This Australian manufacturer has developed 11 different case ranges for the iPhone 5, in a host of styles and each one comes with a lifetime guarantee. SecondSkin – the most affordable case in Cygnett’s lineup, this silicone ‘skin’ is a thin, unobtrusive case designed to protect your iPhone 5 from the general scuffs and bumps of everyday life, the front is also raised to help keep the handset’s display away from anything that could risk causing a scratch. The case costs $ 17.9.

How to Select Proper iPad Cases – Six Tips

iPad becomes very hot currently on the market, additionally, iPad cases, which is designed specifically to protect your precious gadget from damages like cracks, dents, and worse – malfunction. But there are so many iPad cases that you can purchase in the market, you probably don’t know how to select a suitable case or cover for your high tech gadget. Okay, don’t worry any more, you will make your best choice for your iPad cases in this article.

Here are the six types of iPad Cases to help you select the proper one for your iPad.

Apple to Apply The Patent of Smart Cover Protection
Portuguese Designer Designs iPad4 with Sliding Full Keyboard

1. Matches

The most popular iPad cases are often designed to be pretty and inexpensive, and not to address. Most of them allow you to use the device while it’s inside the case, so you must be sure your case does not cover the cameras, buttons, openings, and sensors.

2. Sleeve Case
A sleeve case is ideal for those people who are always on the go since using this case is trouble-free. You just need to slip in or slip out your iPad. This type of case is use to cushion and protect your unit. Hence, it shields your iPad from scratches, bumps, dirt and fingerprints.

3. Waterproof
There is actually a waterproof iPad case available in the market these days. This is ideal for those people who love to bring their gadgets to the beach or near the pool. This is also the best defense against unwanted liquid spills unto your unit. Moreover, this not only protects your iPad from liquid but also from scratches and dirt.

4. Folio
Folio or book-like cases are ideal for those individuals who prefer to protect their iPad in a more classic form. This type of case has a hard cover which truly protects your iPad not only from scratches, bumps, scrapes and dirt but also from incidents that may crush or flatten your unit.
5. Carrying Case
This type of case is usually referred to as a messenger bag simply because it looks and functions partly as a bag. It does not only protect your iPad from bumps, scrapes and drops but it also has a few pockets where you can safely carry your iPad Dock, USB Power Adapter and Connection Kit.
6. Zipper Case
This type of case is similar to sleeve case. However, not all sleeve case have a zipper feature which truly keeps your iPad safe inside the case. Zipper cases are also a fashion forward statement since there are numerous designs, styles and colors from which to choose.

These are the tips when select the best iPad cases. You can also consider purchasing multiple cases for different environments. If you have other tips, you can share with me in helping more people in selecting proper one for iPad.

Apple to Apply The Patent of Smart Cover Protection

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Web site published documents that Apple has submitted a patent application. The documents show, Apple’s new patent applications is about  Smart Cover, protective sleeve, and be able to “ultra-thin flexible display a substantial increase in tabletthe computer’s overall performance. ”

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According to the introduction of the application documents, this intelligent Smart Cover has two interfaces, which can be used to connect the tablet to charge. When the connection is successful, Smart Cover can also be as a screen to use. Apple in the application document, a picture, used to display the Smart Cover display icon, the user simply clicks on the icon to operate.

Engadget said according to the picture provided by Apple in the application document, the Smart Cover sleeve is folded and placed in the iPad below to control the video playback. In addition, Smart Cover but also for the iPad dual-screen experience, can also be used as a virtual keyboard.

Engadget pointed out that the Smart Cover provides many new features, but it can still be used to protect the iPad screen, the same can be folded up for use as a scaffold.

The Smart Cover has the similar function with the Microsoft’s forthcoming Surface Tablet Sleeve. , According to Microsoft, Surface Protection for Surface display will provide protection, and can be folded, can be used as a virtual keyboard.

It is not clear whether Apple will launch the Smart Cover in order to enhance the competitiveness of the iPad, the company declined to comment.

Best Keyboard Cases for iPad

Many people view iPad is different from other portable computers such as Netbooks, one of the main reason is the iPad has no keyboard, instead is packed with onscreen virtual keyboard. But before you fall in love your iPad, you may be very uncomfortable with iPad’s virtual keyboard if you get used to use keyboard on your previous laptop. You may want to add a keyboard to your iPad so that it looks more like the common computers, right? Then here is the best keyboard cases recommended to protect your iPad from damage and dust.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

This isn’t a keyboard case at all, but Apple’s $69 classic is the go-to keyboard for many, simply because you might already own one: it comes standard with the iMac. The clean, crisp white keyboard has excellent response, and its dedicated volume-control and play/pause/skip keys actually work with the iPad.

Targus Versavu Keyboard and Case

The keyboard-added version of the Versavu has a thick, protective leather outside and a Bluetooth keyboard ensconced in padded microfiber. It’s the best case we’ve seen that has a keyboard, but the Versavu works better when the iPad 2’s in vertical portrait mode, and the keyboard compresses some of its punctuation keys in an attempt to add space.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover might be the best keyboard accessory ever made for the iPad, if you’re looking for a highly portable and functional keyboard that travels light; just make sure you carry a separate protective case.

Belkin YourType Folio + Keyboard

The Belkin YourType Folio + Keyboard has a removable Bluetooth keyboard and offers solid folio-style case protection in one package, and can be flexibly adjusted. But it still isn’t good enough to beat top-notch stand-alone folio cases.

Zaggfolio for iPad 2

The Zaggfolio folio-style keyboard case for the iPad 2 has an excellent keyboard and docks the iPad 2 perfectly into its design. The back cover’s breakaway lower section adds support for the iPad 2 when in keyboard mode. Zagg’s foray into a folio-style keyboard case for the iPad 2, the Zaggfolio, succeeds when it’s in keyboard mode. However, it’s not ideal as a pure case.

Why Do You Need an iPad Case?

Have you gotten a new iPad? As the iPad has certainly rejuvenated the tablet market, more and more people choose iPad as the their priority. If you have preordered an iPad, you’ve invested a good amount of money because except new iPad, you probable want to choose an iPad case or covers to protect your high tech gadget from damage and dirty. Although Apple has provided the solid appearance for iPad, you still can’t help to buying a case. So why do you want to have iPad cases?

Well, the first reason for you to pick up an iPad case is to keep iPad safe and in working order. The iPad itself is hardly a cheap piece of technology and many people buy one but do not get any insurance to cover it. Though iPad doesn’t need any case to be under protection, it seems that it can’t be much safer than a case that keepes the device safe and secure.

For those users who own an new iPad (the third generation) would much want to buy iPad cases or covers for the device as the Retina display seems more vulnerable than original iPad. You’ll want to protect that gorgeous retina display and safeguard your device with all its incredible new features—the new processor, improved graphics and cameras, among others.

Another reason for most people want to invest in iPad cases and covers is that these small and fashionable cases and covers are the good way to show off their individuality. Look at the Smart Cover from Apple, available in assorted colors (Light Gray, Dark Gray, Blue, Green, Pink) and also as a leather cover (Tan, Black, Navy, Cream, Product RED), the Smart Cover does little in the way of providing any serious protection. But when you dress your iPad with these covers, you will feel how unique personality you are different from others. You may receive the praise from others: Look, how nice the cover, I also want one!

Therefore, the real reason for you to need an iPad case is that you just want to be different from others. You need to flaunt yourself, and of course, you think you also need to protect your iPad  against drops and the natural environment.

The Best Cases for New iPad

When you get an iPad at hand, the first thing that comes into your mind is that you should pick up a case or cover for your dear iPad for far away from any damages, right? Actually, Apple’s iPad doesn’t need a case due to its solid and reliable appearance. But a case for iPad can not only protect your iPad from danger, but also shows off your individual personality. So here comes to the top cases for your new iPad.

Clamcase for iPad 3

One of the best keyboard cases we’ve ever tested, the Clamcase for the iPad 2 earned our Editors’ Choice. The new version for the third-gen iPad offers the same protection and versatility with its 360-degree hinge and comfortable chiclet-style Bluetooth keyboard with 14 function keys.

Belkin Cinema Stripe Folio

This folio from accessory vet Belkin doesn’t offer much more than your typical case/adjustable stand, but an affordable price, a sporty stripe, and three color-combination choices make it worth a look.

Cygnett Glam Rock

The glossy silver Cygnett Glam Rock with magnetic closures provides multiple viewing angles and a little more flash than your average iPad case.

Dodocase Spring Summer

The Spring Summer collection comes in cute color combos like Granite/Poppy and Tahoe/Sunrise. They are specially and you can flaunt your individuality to others.

Griffin Survivor


Griffin’s bulked-up Survivor case features a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame that’s covered with shock-absorbent silicone and is tested to withstand shocks and drops on concrete from up to six feet. With this nice case, you can put download your heart that worry your new iPad’s Retina display suffers danger and dirty.

Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case

The Drop Tech Series from Gumdrop looks like it can take a real licking, promising multiple-layer shock absorption. This textured snap-on shell comes in four colors, and is constructed from ruggedized silicone with reinforced rubber bumpers and a thick lip around the iPad’s display. There’s also an integrated, replaceable lightweight polycarbonate screen protector, which will keep that Retina Display safe from the elements.

BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber

BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber is made of PVC, which can offer you the protection with zero bulk. It is available in black, red, or white and only sells for less than $30 but with 0-day money-back guarantee.

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Pick out some cases for your ipad 3

As most people know, Apple barely changed the design of the third-generation iPad and a lot of existing iPad 2 cases fit the iPad 3. While a few of those iPad 2 models are represented in this round of top cases and covers, I did my best to include plenty of new models, as many accessory makers have refreshed their lines in the last few months.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Maybe one day, Apple will make a SmartCover with an integrated keyboard, but if you can’t wait for those Cupertino chaps to do it, this slimline cover should do the trick for now. Sporting a wireless Bluetooth keyboard that connects to your new iPad (or iPad 2) via a magnetic clip, the aluminium cover also protects your Apple tablet screen and has built in stand, so you can type from all angles.


It makes several cases which support uView, so in theory you could buy more than one and easily clip your iPad into whichever one you fancy. Our hope is that the company will release other accessories so you can attach your iPad to, say, a car headrest or a wall.

Incipio Lgnd Hard Shell Convertible Case

The Incipio’s Lgnd is my favorite Incipio iPad case. It’s a slim, origami-inspired case with a front cover that folds up (and back) and converts into a stand.

The magnets in the front flap serve two purposes: they hold the flap together as a stand when it’s folded back and they also enable the iPad’s automatic sleep/wake feature. This one’s available in multiple colors.

Acme Made Infinite Angle

The Acme Made Infinite Angle case is ultrathin and allows you to prop up your iPad at any angle (at least in landscape mode). It has the auto awake feature built into the case like Apple’s Smart Cover. It’s really a nice, lightweight case that’s also fairly affordable.

Zagg New iPad Keyboard Cases

The ZAGGfolio is one of the best keyboard cases available and they have a new version for the new iPad. It comes in a number of colors and integrates a nice keyboard into the case. The keys resemble the island style keys you might find on a MacBook. The keyboard has a built-in battery to keep you typing for hours. If you don’t need the keyboard, you can remove it. The case works as stand to hold the iPad a nice typing angle. The case has a leather or polyurethane finish.